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The Inaugural Event: April 15 @ Lux

Posted on 15 March 2010 by IgniteBC

The inaugural Ignite Vancouver will be held April 15 at Lux @ Caprice.  The capacity of the venue is approximately 80 people, with room for speakers, stage, etc.

We already have a solid lineup of speakers for the event, but if you are interested in participating, we’re always happy to find a way and make room for you.  Ignite Vancouver follows a simple format: 5 minutes, 20 slides, with each slide auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Come explain your passion, and spread the word! If you know of someone you’d love to see at Ignite Vancouver, tell them about it and ask them to participate, too.  There’s no limit to the subject matter (within reason): think of an Ignite Event like an open mike night to raise awareness and inspire others.

Currently on the bill:

An entertainment industry leader talking about the evolution of television
An SEO expert that will reveal more about the inner workings of the 8000lb Gorilla
A dad that will give new and expecting parents the inside track to reclaiming 3 hours of sleep each night
A couple of funnymen
A couple of funny women
An event promoter with a unique spin on the economy of entertainment
A sustainability expert to help explain what sustainability is in simple English
A talk on business incubation within the enterprise

…  and possibly even a few more.  All said, the event is slated to be about 2 hours long, including the contest.  This is also a licensed event and all persons attending or presenting must be of legal age.

All speakers should fill out the talk proposal form (below), to indicate you are interested in speaking.

Your Name (required)

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Tell Us About Your Presentation Idea:

The application deadline is 11:59pm, March 12 – so there’s still time!  Download the Powerpoint slide template from this site, and submit a deck to us by the 20th of March.  If we have room on this event you will be notified by March 25, otherwise we’ll schedule you for the next event.  We’re looking forward to hear what you have to say!

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Speakers: What’s In It For You?

Posted on 22 February 2010 by IgniteBC

For those of you considering being a presenter at an Ignite BC event, you might be surprised to find out exactly how far your five minute presentation may take you.  Ignite Events are similar to the Japanese phenomenon known as Pecha Kucha, with a few modifications and a little bit simpler.  These events are casual forums where a variety of topics are shared to an audience of peers.   Each event is captured on video and archived to the site for viewing by a wider audience unable to attend the event in person.  Each talk also becomes a part of the global Ignite parent website managed by OReilly media.

Ignite BC Badge

Ignite BC Badge for your blog

All presenters are given a badge that they can post on their website, as well as a personal bio page with links back to your blog or website.  If you care to share you slide decks with website visitors, we will also host these for you.  Your participation in an Ignite BC event will also bring you closer to a network of professionals, consultants, managers, entrepreneurs and free thinkers: you just might find someone that finally actually understands you!

Last but not least, we’re a bunch of do-gooders.  Where possible, Ignite BC donates event proceeds to a different charity.  This is where sponsorship comes in as well; most events require a fair bit of time, money and resources and your participation means we can deliver a better program which draws bigger crowds which drives more revenue which helps a good cause.

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