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The April 15th Lineup!

Posted on 23 March 2010 by IgniteBC

Here, in no particular order, is the initial list of presentations and speakers that are planned for the Inaugural April 15th Ignite Event at Lux @ Caprice in Vancouver.  With a theme of Creation, Evolution and Revolution, this Ignite Vancouver event promises to deliver a lot in a very short period of time.  Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

1.   What Is Ignite? – A Quick Overview in the Ignite Format: Five Minutes, 20 Slides, 15 seconds per slide that auto advance.  Prepare to be enlightened, but we’ll be quick about it.

2.  The Ultimate Lesson in Social Media:  Two avid Ultimate Frisbee players share what they’ve learned from Ultimate to help shape a successful social media strategy

3.  Dressing Inappropriately:  A humorous and thought provoking look at what happens when we dare to show up as ourselves instead of conforming to societal norms.

4.  The 1965 Ford Mustang:  At the time of its release, the Mustang was seen as a revolutionary and innovative creation in contrast to the usual box-like cars coming out of Detroit.  Today, it continues to redefine and revolutionize.

5.  How to Buy A Hit Broadway Play with No Money Down:  This informative presentation takes you to New York City where IgniteBC members will learn what it takes to buy a hit theatrical show and get investors.

6.  Platypus Eggs and In House Idea Incubators:  Encouraging entrepreneurship in your company, nurturing brainstorming, and building new profitable businesses from within the enterprise.

7.  Advanced Internet Research Techniques: The Poem reveals how you can instantly improve your online search skills, evolve in your web productivity and transform how you use the web in your organization, career and life.

8.  Sustainability in Simple English:  Along with being Green, companies are adopting the phrase “Sustainability” into their business lexicon.  This presentation will show you how to identify, implement and evaluate basic sustainability practices in your business and life.

9. How I Sell Stuff to the Worlds Largest Corporations: Getting in and closing the deal with the biggest, the baddest and the best in the World.

10.  They’re NOT The Boss Of You: Really Really Useful Tips for New Parents and Expectant Parents From a New Father of Twin Boys.

And, approximately three or four more still to come…

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Ignite Presentation Master Template

Posted on 22 February 2010 by IgniteBC

The following template is to be used to deliver an Ignite BC presentation.  Please crunch whatever details you can into  this template.  Note that you are not only limited to the  number of slides, but also the time allotted to each slide.  Five minutes, twenty slides, fifteen seconds a slide.  If you move too fast through one… doesn’t matter.   You only get fifteen seconds per slide.  So construct your presentations accordingly.

Download it here:

Ignite Presentation Master

Now, some of you might be saying “What do you mean? I only have fifteen seconds per slide?”  Well, I would propose that 15 seconds is probably more than adequate, considering that most advertisers can get their message across in less than 30 seconds.  You, on the other hand, have five minutes to present!  And you’re telling me you need MORE TIME than that?

C’mon!  Download the template, and get cracking!  We’re waiting to be amazed, and we’re giving you a full five minutes of our undivided and uninterrupted attention!  When was the last time anyone REALLY gave you a full five minutes of their time, anyways?

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