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How To Become An Ignite Speaker

Posted on 27 February 2010 by IgniteBC

The cool thing about Ignite is that just about anyone can present.  It’s like an open mike night to talk about whatever you are passionate about.  The only condition is that it must fall into the Ignite format:  20 slides, 15 seconds a slide, five minutes total.  That, and the topic must have some kind of “social value”.  In other words, it’s not infomercial time.  We will post details about you and your company on your speaker Bio page.  People interested in finding out more can go from there.

  1. Start by submitting a quick overview of your topic.  Title and 1 paragraph description.  This should be completed one month prior to the event date.
  2. Two weeks before the event date, submit a finished powerpoint deck to us for review.  If there are any problems with it, we’ll still have a chance to correct any issue.  Additionally, the extra lead time helps us convert the file for the subsequent video archive where we will synchronize the presentation with your video.
  3. Also:  two weeks OR SOONER, provide us with a bio about yourself.  This will help people know where you are coming from, and will also give folks an opportunity to contact you if they would like a more detailed perspective.
  4. The day of the event:  Arrive about an hour early so you can get familiar with your surroundings, schmooze a bit with the other speakers, organizers, etc, and just get ready to have fun!
  5. After:  We still need clearance to post your video.  So after the event, you’ll sign a waiver giving us permission to do so, without the expectation of future remuneration.  In return, we will post the PPT in your bio, along with the video links to the IgniteShow.com global site, YouTube, and on our site.  You will also receive permission to use the “Proud Presenter” badge on your website, where you can link back to the presentation archive / bio page that will feature all your presentations.

You can download the Powerpoint template from here:


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