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June 24th – A Sneak Peak At What’s In Store

Posted on 01 May 2010 by IgniteBC

The second installment of Ignite in Vancouver. We already have an amazing lineup for this one! Here’s just a teaser of what you can expect from us on June 24th:

  • A reality show type contest where the audience will vote via Twitter and TXT msg on their favorite presenters. Everyone can vote for each presenter equally, but the person with the most votes from everyone will win $500!
  • A tongue twister contest: read as much as you can in ten seconds. Make no mistakes and you win a prize!

A lineup of presentations that range from funny to eclectic to scientific! Here’s a quick overview of just some of the people preparing to present at Ignite 2.0:

  • Kerry Ward: Without Adventure, You Are DEAD — At the root of all business and personal success lies one thing: Adventure. It comes naturally for kids, not so much for adults. Adults have to consciously cultivate a Daily Adventure Practice in order to stay alive and grow. Businesses must literally add ventures in order to succeed. This talk will take an energetic and humorous approach to this VITAL issue.
  • James Karg : Everything I needed to know I learned from Video games — A game
    designer takes a diffrent look at life and draws parallels to his profession and the real life game. James addresses things like playing cooperatively, facing end bosses, taking care of your health, and learning to play a “role”.
  • Matt Ross: Backpacking Central America – As the author of “Short Straws A Gringo’s Perspective of Backpacking
    Central America”, Matt will bring an off-the-cuff view from off-the-beaten
    path, the lighter side of his experiences in rural Central America during a six-month odyssey.
  • Jill Talbot: The social construction of addiction – This presenter will bring to light some of our conceptions and misconceptions of the true nature of addiction, and how our perceptions and misunderstandings influence the sevices available to those at risk.

… plus six to eight more presenters yet to be confirmed! We still have a number of presenters that missed that last event, and we expect their presence as well. If you plan on being either a speaker, spectator or sponsor, this is one show you won’t want to miss!

Get your tickets through either http://www.meetup.com/IgniteBC/ or through http://IgniteBC2.Eventbrite.com. Additionally, if you are interested in giving a presentation at this event, you can submit your idea through the IgniteBC webpage at http://ignitebc.com/events/the-next-ignite-june-24th/

Finally, since this is a non-profit event, we are always looking for sponsors. They can be cash, or if you want to promote your business by providing services in kind, or just some kind of discount or anything to people in support of Ignite Events in Vancouver, we’d love to hear from you! We will also reciprocate in kind, and will do whatever we can to direct our audience to your enterprise. For those giving cash donations, we offer the following:

  • Gold sponsor - Gets you a table at the event, with lots of logo placement in programs, and splash screens in presentations, etc.
  • Silver Sponsor - You get four tickets plus mentions in the website, program, etc
  • Bronze Sponsor - Two tickets plus mentions in the website, etc.

Details of how YOU can become involved with Ignite in Vancouver can be found on the IgniteBC website by clicking this link: http://ignitebc.com/sponsors/sponsorship-and-support-levels/ .  You can also sponsor Ignite Vancouver through the Meetup.com website here:  http://www.meetup.com/IgniteBC/suggestion/sponsor/ – or, just email us at IgniteBC (at) gmail dot com.

Ignite Vancouver 2.0 takes place at Ceili’s Irish Pub & Restaurant on June 24th at 6PM.  Speakers hit the stage at 7:00.  Tickets are $10.00 advance or $15 at the door.

Ceili’s Irish Pub & Restaurant


670 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2C9
(604) 697-0990

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April 15 Official Lineup

Posted on 14 April 2010 by IgniteBC

The event agenda is posted here.  Upon completion of the event, this post will also feature links to the video archive of the event.

Location:  Lux Lounge at Caprice Nightclub.
Address:  965 Granville St (between Nelson & Smithe)

6:30 – 6:50 – Paper Airplane Contest
6:50 – Ten minute warning to help people get seated and get their refreshments
7:00 – Brief overview of the Ignite concept for the audience, along with introductions to the Ignite organizers & award to winner of Paper Airplane Contest.

7:00 to 7:30 – First Block of Presentations

Presenter 1:  Mark Pivon – They’re Not The Boss of You
Presenter 2:  Alyssa Wise and Natalie Sisson – Ultimate Lesson In Social Media
Presenter 3:  Brian Street – The Ford Mustang
Presenter 4:  Bill Greenbaum – Buy a Play with No Money Down

Break & Draw for tickets to see Jeffrey Hayzlett, Kodak CMO, Celebrity Apprentice star, and award-winning author.

7:45 to 8:15 – Second Block of Presentations

Presenter 5:  Patty K – Dare to Dress Inappropriately
Presenter 6:  Sofia Ribeiro -  Yell At Corporations
Presenter 7:  Bruce Nickson – Disruptive Technologies in Entertainment
Presenter 8:  Garrett Wasny – Advanced Internet Research Technologies

Break & Networking

8:30 to 9:00 – Third Block of Presentations

Presenter 9:  Darren Barefoot – Do Good Online
Presenter 10:  Eric Smith – Selling to Big Companies
Presenter 11:  Shane Gibson – Nano Markets

Wrap Up and announcements for the next event in June!

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Brian Street

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

After buying and selling my own real estate, I chose to be a full-time Realtor, as working with buyers and sellers combines my experience in customer service, marketing and project management with my passion for home, design, and life in Vancouver.

I am proud to be a native-born Vancouverite, and have a passion for “my” city. My educational background includes a BA in Mass Communication from Simon Fraser University and an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix Online. In addition, I am an experienced flyer, having logged many hours as a Certified, Instrument-Rated Commercial Pilot.

Prior to my career in real estate, I worked in advertising New York, for a large San Francisco insurance brokerage, and in web hosting management in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom. As such, I am happy to assist our American friends with Vancouver real estate whether for investment, vacation, or relocation.

I enjoy positioning sellers to achieve top dollar peace of mind, and help prepare buyers to win! Vancouver’s dynamically changing market commands creative solutions, and I help find alternatives and sensible purchases for those being priced out of the market.

In addition to my passion for real estate, I also believe in giving back to community. As Board President of the West End – Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre in Vancouver, I am proud to be creating positive change in this dynamic city as we prepare to host the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I’m also excited to be a member of Toastmasters International, and serve as Vice President of Public Relations on the Board of Vancouver’s Evergreen Toastmasters Club.

Part of my success comes from my view of the business. My belief is that real estate is a service-oriented business, not a sales-oriented business, and as such I provide the highest level of professional service. Additionally, I utilize the most comprehensive marketing and technical solutions available.

My motto is “Where Service Meets Success“, and I am always ready to assist you with your real estate needs!

I am an active member of the following organisations:

Brian Street (604) 837-8534

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Patty K

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Patty K is:  Speaker, writer, wearer of pajamas.

Gandhi said: be the change you wish to see in the world.  The change I wish to see is:  more openness, more honesty, more non-conformity; fewer people mindlessly following the crowd; more people showing up as their real selves; and a whole lot more laughter and silliness.


I tell my own stories, in a similar voice to what you see on my blog. I talk about my experiences, my challenges, the methods I used to make positive changes in my own life.   I make fun of stuff and myself. People tend to laugh.   My 2 basic keynotes are these:

Daring to Dress Inappropriately:  What happens when we dare to break with societal norms and show up as our real selves? Based on my adventures wearing pajamas in public.

No one Died:  2 years ago, I decided to sell everything and go sailing – without bothering with tiny details like learning how to sail first. This presentation is about failure, taking risks and learning from experience.

See my Speaking page for details.

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Darren Barefoot

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

My name is Darren Barefoot. I’m a writer, technologist and marketer who lives in Vancouver, Canada. While my undergraduate degree was in Creative Writing and Theatre, I always had a deep love of computers. Ever since my parents brought home our first dual disc drive IBM PC, I was smitten. So, mostly, I write about technology.I originally worked as a technical writer, doing an internship at Radical Entertainment, followed by stints at Meridian Systems and Cape Clear Software (while spending two years in Dublin). Since returning to Vancouver in 2003, I’ve started Capulet Communications, a PR and marketing company that specializes in high-tech companies.

The following is a list of my online and real-world projects:

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Garrett Wasny

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC (Certified Management Consultant), CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) is a web productivity consultant in Vancouver.

Garrett is the “Internet guy” and “Google guru” who advises accountants and other professional service providers on how to improve their online search skills, increase their web productivity and transform how they use the web in their business, career and life.

Garrett’s clients are the leading accounting, legal and engineering organizations in North America.  These include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, CPE Link, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan, Certified General Accountants of British Columbia, Certified General Accountants of Alberta, Davis LLP, and EPIC Educational Innovation Program (for professional engineers).

Garrett offers the following consulting and advisory services:

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Shane Gibson

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Co-Author of Socialble! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down.

Shane Gibson is an international speaker, and author who has addressed over 100,000 people over the past sixteen years on stages in North America, Southern Africa and South America. He is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.

As a trainer, coach and speaker Shane combines a diverse background in sales force leadership, new entrepreneur development and social media marketing to develop unique presentations and solutions for his clients.

Blogging since 2002, and podcasting since 2004 Shane drives the majority of his business from social media, and social networks. He has been published in numerous publications as an authority on the topics of leadership, marketing, social media, and sales performance. Some of these publications include CMA Magazine, the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail and Profit Magazine.

Shane recently became Canada’s only Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer, and is working on a new book published by Entrepreneur Press (McGraw Hill) called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Shane’s speaking and training clients that he has worked with include: Ford, CMA Canada, Simply Computing, ACL, The Vancouver Board of Trade, Ford Motor Company, HUB International, Seminarium Colombia, Seminarium Chile, BuildDirect.com, the Sauder School of Business, the University of British Columbia, Canaccord Financial and hundreds of entrepreneurs, individual sales people and marketers over the past 16 years.

When he’s not working or tweeting you can find Shane hiking or skiing in British Columbia’s Coast Mountain range with his family.

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Sofia Ribeiro

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Sofia Ribeiro owns and co-manages Kiwano Marketing, a sustainable marketing agency dedicated to support small, sustainable businesses located in Vancouver, BC – contributing to the city’s economy while promoting the environment.

An experienced marketing professional and a green enthusiast, Sofia has an extensive marketing background across both small businesses and large enterprises throughout Europe and North America. Sofia’s articles are regularly featured in leading industry publications and she’s a contributor writer at The Green Economy Post. Sofia also volunteers with The Stanley Park Ecology Society, Canadian Cancer Society and Metro Vancouver.

Sofia was runner-up for the New Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009.

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Natalie Sisson

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Natalie Sisson is a Kiwi entrepreneur and adventurer. She’s passionate about getting more women into business and so founded WomanzWorld.com as ‘The Ultimate Resource for Female Entrepreneurs’. She writes from her own perspective and experiences as Co-founder of ConnectionPoint Systems, where she’s a Product Evangelist for FundRazr – a Facebook application that empowers social commerce. She loves offering up savvy solutions to challenges we all face as entrepreneurs and adds a touch of humour, style and sparkle and is a contrbutor to Forbes.com `Work in Progress’ for women who mean business. Natalie’s addicted to Frisbee and travelling which works perfectly as they go hand in hand. She’s also got a World Record in Dragon Boating and and so long as she’s holding her sexy iPhone you can be assured she’s plugged into to every social network.

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Alyssa Wise

Posted on 13 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Alyssa Wise is a world traveler who found her way to Vancouver after journeys across the U.S. and Latin America including New York, Ecuador, San Francisco, and Indiana. From designing Information Technology Learning Programs for child laborers in the Dominican Republic, to helping the Brazilian National Ultimate team compete in the World Championships, her passion is to connect with motivated people around the world to turns inspired ideas for learning and action into reality, in any language. She is enthusiastic about 21st century collaborative learning and the possibilities for social media in education and is currently researching and developing tools to support these goals through her work as an Assistant Professor in the Educational Technology and Learning Design Program at Simon Fraser University.

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