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Following the results of April 15th

Posted on 25 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Some folks might be interested to know about the results of the April 15th event, and so here we go:

This was a startup event, and as such, demanded a few additional funds to get things rolling.  The net result is that we lost about $500 from the overall proceeds, with the bulk of the revenues going to simple things like printing the stationery, localized Google advertising, signage, Meetup.com membership fees, Eventbrite and Paypal service fees, web hosting, a cash box, a battery pack, a high speed SD card for the camera, and some software to support the video capture and archiving component.  We already had some things like the camera, a tripod and so on – so these assets were not included in the startup costs.

Despite the loss position, we still donated $100 to Union Gospel Mission, as we set out on this project with a commitment to donate a minimum of $100 or 10% of the proceeds, whichever is greater.  We would have done more, but that’s where we came in.

Thanks to all for your strong support, and we look forward to having you all come out again at all of the future events!

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Mark Payne @ The Red Case

Posted on 25 March 2010 by IgniteBC

Ignite Vancouver would like to thank Mark Payne at The Red Case Independent Consultancy for their support of Ignite Events in Vancouver.

Mark Payne

Mark Payne

A bit about Mark Payne:

I am passionate about start ups and new opportunities specifically in the area of emerging technologies.

I am also in love with live music, sports, mountains, changing the world, red wine….and my wife!

Originally from London we have lived and worked in the UK and overseas. We currently live in British Columbia and I split my time between Vancouver and the Okanagan Valley.

I’ve worked with organisations throughout the world ranging from major global brands and charities to small divisions and SMEs.

I have also been fortunate enough to be involved with and invested in several start-ups and early stage companies – some of them have been great, some have been OK and a few have been completely impossible!

All this has taught me TWO things

  1. Whatever I thought I knew is changing and tomorrow it will change again
  2. Do everything with passion, commitment, common sense, pragmatism, a sense of humour and a determination to enjoy it!

Everything else is far easier if you accept the first and do the second!

I also have the ability to select and support sports teams that never win anything!

You can find more information about what I do, who I work with and my investment activities by visiting my website here:  http://www.TheRedCase.com.

If you have a project or idea you think I would be interested in please get in touch…..



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Sponsorship and Support Levels

Posted on 27 February 2010 by IgniteBC

Sponsoring an Ignite Vancouver Event has many benefits that go beyond the event.  The following is a quick overview of what your support yields:

Event Icebreakers

Icebreakers are the first people to meet, greet and help new visitors become familiar with the Ignite presentation concept.  This is a key networking opportunity, and Icebreakers would be tasked to visit tables at the event, hand out a flyer, nametags, inform attendees of event sponsors, and engage people in discussion.


Presenters are the people around which Ignite Events are built.  They are responsible for submitting an initial presentation concept at least four weeks before an event.  Upon approval, a presenter must then craft a PowerPoint presentation in the Ignite framework: 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide, 5 minutes total.  Once this is done, a presenter must submit their PowerPoint file to Ignite Vancouver at least 2 weeks before an event.   Presenters can supply a Bio of up to 1000 words, a photo of their choosing, and up to five internet links of their preference to post on the Ignite Vancouver website.  Finally, presenters are given a “Proud Presenter” internet badge that they can post on their own blog, or maintain in their Ignite Vancouver profile.

Gift Donation Sponsorship

We are always seeking sponsors to supply us with giveaways such as corporate imprinted clothing, toys, consumables, gift certificates, promotional discounts, and anything that will increase the perceived value of attending an Ignite Vancouver event.  Gift donation sponsorship receives honorable mention at the event, “Brought to you by” mention in the event archive page on the website along with a bio page under sponsors, a link back to your website on the homepage, up to four tickets to the Ignite Event being sponsored, and up to four complementary drink tickets at the Ignite event being sponsored.

Cash Sponsorship

Similar to the Gift Sponsorship, a cash donation is leveraged to help pay for otherwise out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the organizers themselves.  Cash support helps to pay for miscellaneous expenses that crop up occasionally such as printing, website hosting, event insurance, audio visual sundries, advertising, and small tokens of appreciation for participants and organizers.   Remaining proceeds are donated to a designated charity, and can also be made in the name of the sponsor.  Cash sponsors also receive all the benefits of a Gift Sponsor, but also benefit by having their names or corporate logos prominently featured in the video archives.  Signage is also created in some instances with the sponsors logo that can be repurposed by the sponsor in the future (i.e. you get to keep the signs and banners that we print up with your logos on them, and they only have your logo on them. )

Attending an Event

What?  You didn’t think we’d forget about the ever important supporters that make it all possible, did you?!?!  Hey, if it weren’t for you, I’d still be calling up other people’s answering machines and leaving long-winded messages about the government, or the hockey game last night, or how I believe that website will actually change the world ( … c’mon… y’know the website I’m talkin’ about… :-)   When you attend an Ignite Vancouver event, you not only help to validate what we are doing, but you are getting out and supporting an even bigger scene by patronizing the venue, and meeting up with other people that have come to Ignite Vancouver for the sole purpose of meeting: YOU!   Thanks for showing up and keeping everyone’s spirits high!  Come again real soon, too!

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Sponsorship: An Overview

Posted on 23 February 2010 by IgniteBC

IgniteBC is a group of professionals that voluntarily organize and promote the Ignite presentation formats.  In most cases, expenses are either covered by the individual organizers, or are modestly offset by ticket sales – the balance of which goes to charity.  By choosing to support an IgniteBC event, you are aligning yourself with several different audiences which include:

  • Young professionals seeking an outlet and sources of feedback for their ideas
  • A global community of a wide range of public speakers
  • A network of connected professionals in support of their peers
  • A community driven event that takes place every couple months that continues to grow in reach and influence

Support is accepted in a manner of formats that is most convenient to you.  You can start small, and simply attend an event.  Your attendance helps to validate the merit and draw of IgniteBC events to the participating venue.  If you wish to help out, you can also volunteer your time – which is always appreciated since we are all folks that have families and long commutes after work.  You can also go one step farther by donating prizes for contestants, guest presenters and door prizes.   And then there’s just good old fashioned money.   Any financial support is captured through our Event Ticketing Solution: EventBright.  Click here to view available sponsorship packages, or to buy a ticket for the next event.

Contact us today to find a place when you can fit into the mix at IgniteBC!

You can call Mark at 604-726-5569 or via e mail at IgniteBC (at) google (dot) com.

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