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Ignite Vancouver II – The Hottest Ticket In Town!

Posted on 27 May 2010 by IgniteBC

The next Ignite Event just keeps getting better and better! Plan to be at Ceilis Irish Pub on Granville Street on June 24th because this is going to be the hottest ticket in town, guaranteed! The doors open at 6PM, and speakers are scheduled to hit the stage at 7:00 sharp.

Ignite Supports the Greenest City in Vancouver

Vancouver: Greenest City in the World by 2020!

This event is a groundbreaker as it will incorporate a lot of emerging technologies and social media communications for voting and instant feedback via text message and Twitter. Additionally, we will be featuring a section on Green and Sustainability, since the City of Vancouver is working it’s way towards becoming the Greenest City in the World by 2020. Finally, the event features a cash prize of $500 for the speaker that receives the most votes from the audience. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be shared equally.

We will kick off the night with an icebreaker that will invite members of the audience up on stage to recite a ten second tongue twister. Each person that successfully completes the task without incident (i.e.: messing up) will win a prize! From there, the night will start with a brief orientation and introduction and the speakers will commence presentations at 7:00PM. Tickets are $10.00 through Meetup.com/ignitebc as well as through IgniteBC2.Eventbrite.com. All this, plus your regular gang of Ignite pranksters will be serving up something unexpected through the night.

Ignite Vancouver – June 24th Presenters and Topics:

Matt Ross: A Gringo’s guide to Central America – As the author of “Short Straws A Gringo’s Perspective of Backpacking Central America”, Matt will bring an off-the-cuff view from off-the-beaten path, the lighter side of his experiences in rural Central America during a six-month odyssey.

James Karg: A Game Designer’s Guide to life (Everything I know I learned from video games) – James is an avid video game enthusiast/designer and current student of Vancouver film school’s Entertainment business management program. When he’s not slaying dragon’s and saving princess’s, James likes to be making people smile with his presence.

Conrad Schmidt: Degrowth – Actively involved in the area of promoting awareness of and the need for a shift of economic imperatives, Conrad will present on the concept of Degrowth as a means for creating a sustainable economy both fiscally and environmentally.

Mack Hardy: Open source coding (The pros and cons of the options) – Mack will compare and contrast some of the key points of interest in the Drupal vs Facebook vs the rest discussion.

Pierre Charlebois: Special tax advantages for small business – As an entrepreneur, Pierre understands that self employment has many advantages and when one is incorporated there are several strategies for reducing taxes. If you are a business owner, here is one method that can help you to create security for the yourself and remove retained earnings from the corporation at a reduced tax rate.

Rob Blackie: Green Leases – Popular in Europe but little understood in North America, Green Leases can be a boon for landlords and tenants alike. Rob, an environmental engineer with a Masters from Cambridge University will enlighten us on what the implications are for us.

Kristen Reaves: Five ways to know if you will be 10lbs heavier this time next year – Kristen Reaves is a Registered Dietitian and is passionate about educating others on the importance of living a lifestyle that involves eating clean, healthy, and tasty food, and moving your body everyday. She wants to make us aware that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun, delicious, and inspiring. Come learn what Kristen has to say about what you may be doing right now that is making you pack on the weight over the years and how to stop this from happening ever again!

Jill Talbot: The Social Construction of Addiction – Addiction has been conceived of as a moral problem, disease, and stress response. How we think of addiction has influenced the services available to those at risk, and those at risk themselves. Scientific research has rarely confirmed the general held conception of addiction.

Kerry Ward: Without Adventure you are DEAD – In business, to be successful you must literally ‘Add Ventures’ to continue growing. Kerry will bring examples and insight into how a new way to look at your business and training may be the key to unlocking your potential and that of your business.

Amir Jaffari : Memes, Evolution of Business, and the Unfolding of Consciousness – Amir proposes that there are no secret societies of evil villains and international bankers trying to take over the world – as movies such as The Zeitgeist (Due: October 2010) suggest. Rather there are ideas and thought patterns that manifest themselves as belief systems or “memes” (pronounced like Cream). These ideas morph, grow exponentially and spread, much like viruses. The upside is that there are veins of good viruses currently taking the world of business by storm (such as social entrepreneurship, “green” and others), and seeing as how business currently rules the planet above other institutional forms. Let’s support the multiplication of these memes as a means of saving – not the planet – but ourselves.

Paul Stoneman: Three Energy Technologies that you never hear about - Stone, a patent holding inventor and native Vancouverite, has a passion to create and develop products designed to improve daily life while cutting the cost. He also spends many a late night prototyping new ways to power our world using zero emission and even closed system power sources. Join him in support of his lifelong pursuit of single cost, zero maintenance energy solutions.

Mack Flavelle: Virtual goods – A fascinating intersection of culture business and technology – As a game designer for location based games, Mack is drawn to the intersection of real and virtual commerce.

Maureen Cureton – Environmental Sustainability… Small Steps, Big Steps, & A Bit of a Rant – Working for one of Canada’s biggest credit unions, Maureen is immersed on a daily basis in the challenges of providing financial support to green business ventures.

Minto Roy – Integrating the Advantage of Diversity to Grow Your Business and grow Canada – Business today must realize that a large percentage of their consumers are immigrants to Canada. However, when hiring or developing a strategic marketing and sales plans, this reality is often overlooked. Minto will discuss how incorporating diversity can give every part of your business a definitive edge over the competition.

PLUS: Some interesting sponsors, an announcement for the next Ignite Vancouver event that will put yet another spin on the night, a preview of the next event, and Ignite Karoke. That, sequined velour smoking jackets, steins of Ignite beer, Ignite shooters, and a few other surprises too.

Remainder of proceeds to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Womens and Childrens Hospital.

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The Next Ignite: June 24th

Posted on 25 April 2010 by IgniteBC

The April 15th event was a massive success, and with it came many requests for another one!  So, without further adieu, preparations are now officially underway for Ignite Vancouver II.  The next event is June 24th, and it promises to be a ground breaker on may levels!

Wanna Earn $100 a MINUTE?  Read on!

The next event will be a little different in that we will be awarding a prize of $500 to the best presentation of the night! Presentations will be judged based on votes from the audience via a Twitter polling solution.  Everyone in the audience can vote for each presenter once.  50% of the vote will be audience generated, and 50% of the vote will come from the Ignite Organizing Team.  If you would like to participate in this event, please submit your presentation idea ASAP because its a first-come-first-served basis!  We will publish the final lineup on May 25th, and we will require your FINAL presentation to be submitted to us by June 10th.  The sooner you complete your submission, the better your chances of getting in and getting the pick of where you want to be in the final lineup.

Register with the IgniteBC website - by clicking this link.  This will make you a member of the Ignite BC and keep you up to date on all future goings-on with Ignite Events in Vancouver.

Buy tickets for the June 24 event by clicking here. Tickets are just $10.00 advance.  $15.00 the week before the event.

Interested in giving a talk? Then tell us about it!  There is space for a maximum of 12 presenters.   All the details can be found by clicking on this link:  How to become an Ignite Speaker.   Or, just fill out this form:

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Daytime Tel # (required)


Tell Us About Your Presentation Idea:

This promises to be an absolutely phenomenal event!  Register early, and bring your friends because the more people that attend with you, the better your chances will be of winning!

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June 24 – Another Try for a Contest!

Posted on 25 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Okay, so the last contest didn’t really happen.  Sorry about that, and believe me I was thoroughly disappointed that it don’t go off as planned.  Not a lot of people got there early enough, and… well… better luck next time.

Well, the next time has been planned, and this contest will be something that EVERYONE can participate in, if they are so inclined.  Here’s a quick overview of what we have planned:

Given that Ignite Events are all about public speaking, we’re going to have a challenge that is somewhat consistent to the overall program – that is, we will give all contestants a passage to read up on stage.  The passage will be exactly the same for everyone.  The person that can read the most number of words – without making a mistake in ten seconds – will win a prize.

But, there’s a catch:  (ah yes… there is ALWAYS a catch, isn’t there?)

The passage that you will read will be a very complex and difficult tongue twister.

Good thing we’re doing this at the beginning of the night, eh?

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Following the results of April 15th

Posted on 25 April 2010 by IgniteBC

Some folks might be interested to know about the results of the April 15th event, and so here we go:

This was a startup event, and as such, demanded a few additional funds to get things rolling.  The net result is that we lost about $500 from the overall proceeds, with the bulk of the revenues going to simple things like printing the stationery, localized Google advertising, signage, Meetup.com membership fees, Eventbrite and Paypal service fees, web hosting, a cash box, a battery pack, a high speed SD card for the camera, and some software to support the video capture and archiving component.  We already had some things like the camera, a tripod and so on – so these assets were not included in the startup costs.

Despite the loss position, we still donated $100 to Union Gospel Mission, as we set out on this project with a commitment to donate a minimum of $100 or 10% of the proceeds, whichever is greater.  We would have done more, but that’s where we came in.

Thanks to all for your strong support, and we look forward to having you all come out again at all of the future events!

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April 15 Official Lineup

Posted on 14 April 2010 by IgniteBC

The event agenda is posted here.  Upon completion of the event, this post will also feature links to the video archive of the event.

Location:  Lux Lounge at Caprice Nightclub.
Address:  965 Granville St (between Nelson & Smithe)

6:30 – 6:50 – Paper Airplane Contest
6:50 – Ten minute warning to help people get seated and get their refreshments
7:00 – Brief overview of the Ignite concept for the audience, along with introductions to the Ignite organizers & award to winner of Paper Airplane Contest.

7:00 to 7:30 – First Block of Presentations

Presenter 1:  Mark Pivon – They’re Not The Boss of You
Presenter 2:  Alyssa Wise and Natalie Sisson – Ultimate Lesson In Social Media
Presenter 3:  Brian Street – The Ford Mustang
Presenter 4:  Bill Greenbaum – Buy a Play with No Money Down

Break & Draw for tickets to see Jeffrey Hayzlett, Kodak CMO, Celebrity Apprentice star, and award-winning author.

7:45 to 8:15 – Second Block of Presentations

Presenter 5:  Patty K – Dare to Dress Inappropriately
Presenter 6:  Sofia Ribeiro -  Yell At Corporations
Presenter 7:  Bruce Nickson – Disruptive Technologies in Entertainment
Presenter 8:  Garrett Wasny – Advanced Internet Research Technologies

Break & Networking

8:30 to 9:00 – Third Block of Presentations

Presenter 9:  Darren Barefoot – Do Good Online
Presenter 10:  Eric Smith – Selling to Big Companies
Presenter 11:  Shane Gibson – Nano Markets

Wrap Up and announcements for the next event in June!

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Sponsorship: An Overview

Posted on 23 February 2010 by IgniteBC

IgniteBC is a group of professionals that voluntarily organize and promote the Ignite presentation formats.  In most cases, expenses are either covered by the individual organizers, or are modestly offset by ticket sales – the balance of which goes to charity.  By choosing to support an IgniteBC event, you are aligning yourself with several different audiences which include:

  • Young professionals seeking an outlet and sources of feedback for their ideas
  • A global community of a wide range of public speakers
  • A network of connected professionals in support of their peers
  • A community driven event that takes place every couple months that continues to grow in reach and influence

Support is accepted in a manner of formats that is most convenient to you.  You can start small, and simply attend an event.  Your attendance helps to validate the merit and draw of IgniteBC events to the participating venue.  If you wish to help out, you can also volunteer your time – which is always appreciated since we are all folks that have families and long commutes after work.  You can also go one step farther by donating prizes for contestants, guest presenters and door prizes.   And then there’s just good old fashioned money.   Any financial support is captured through our Event Ticketing Solution: EventBright.  Click here to view available sponsorship packages, or to buy a ticket for the next event.

Contact us today to find a place when you can fit into the mix at IgniteBC!

You can call Mark at 604-726-5569 or via e mail at IgniteBC (at) google (dot) com.

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